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Friends of the Schoenberg Quartet Foundation
In 1994 an idea to aid the Quartet in their ambitions got formal shape and the Friends Foundation was born. The aims of the Foundation are clear and simple: moral and financial support for the Schoenberg Quartet. This website was made possible by the Friends.

The Friends of the Schoenberg Quartet Foundation tries to achieve her goals by:

•  fund-raising for special projects;
stimulating publicity for the Quartet;
activating the writing of new compositions directed towards the Quartet's repertoire;
bringing in sponsors;
spreading knowledge about 20th century classical music;
organising special events;
supporting fundamental research.

In order to support the goals of the Friends of the Schoenberg Quartet, we invite you to become a member of the Foundation.

Membership of the Foundation
Members receive a bi-annual information bulletin about the activities of the Schoenberg Quartet, with an agenda of concerts and a discography.

Members are entiteled to a reduction for recordings of the Schoenberg Quartet, recordings can be ordered through the Foundation.

At least once a year a Friends-meeting will be organised, with a special performance of the Schoenberg Quartet.

The membership fee is € 25.00; higher donations are welcome of course.

Membership Form
Please fill following form to receive details on how to become a member i.e. on payment of your support

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